Top 10 Famous Rap Artists That Disappeared. Where Are They Now?

Remember those hip hop artists that were once so popular? Some of them with back to back hits, and others with one hit wonders that lasted a lifetime? What happened to the artists that were once so high and suddenly fell of the charts?

From what we know, a artist can disappear for many reasons. The most popular being 1) getting dropped from a label from inadequate record sales 2) the artist wanting to leave the label 3) the artist simply got lazy and decided to stop his / her career 3) and of course running out of money and budgets as a rapper can be the end anyone’s career.

We summed up our list of the top rappers who were once on top that disappeared. Please tell us if we missed anyone.

Smilez & Southstar

Smilez Southstar

Smilez & Southstar were at the top of their game with their hit single “Tell Me.”

Smilez now goes by the name of Mr Smilez and releasing random videos and video blogs on his YouTube channel. His latest music video can be seen here 

Southstar now goes by by the name Rob Campman (Don’t know why???) and he recently released a new music video which can be seen here

Southstars is now active on his twitter page and instagram_ (which was very hard to find).

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Mike Jones was one of the top southern acts with his most popular record “Who Mike Jones.”

Mike Jones isn’t really doing much lately, according to his Instagram it seems like his career is still on standby. It’s hard to find him anywhere else besides his IG page which he publicly promotes, everything else does not exist.

The only other thing is his website which seems like an older site that doesn’t have much information



Chamillionaire is another famous southern rapper who had the hit single “Ridin Dirty.”

Chamillionaire still has a good amount of activity and movement on his  Facebook which has close to a million followers as well as Twitter and the works. But as far as new music and videos go, we have yet to see anything new.



Chingy is a multi-platinum artist who had the hit song “Right Thurr.”

Chingy now goes by the name Chingy Jackpot and is still making new music consistently! He now has his own label called FullDekk Entertainment. His Instagram is still active and his website includes a ton of new music and a video series he has.

Although he is not signed to a major record label any longer, he continues to perform and tour on his own. Since then, he has put on a few pounds (of muscle) and his music seems to have the same great quality.

Keak Da Sneak

Keak Da Sneak

Keak Da Sneak is a popular bay area rapper from Oakland, CA that was most popular from his hit “Tell Me When To Go” with rapper E-40.

Keak Da Sneak is pretty hard to find now a days. He actually has a active Instagram as well as Twitter page. He is currently still doing independent records with other bay area artists and making new music. Hopefully Keak will be releasing a new commercial record soon.

Hurricane Chris

Hurricane Chris

Hurricane Chris is most popular for his hit “A Bay Bay.”

Surprising Chris is still making some bangers, he recently had a song released produced by DJ Mustard called “Ratchet” which also featured Lil Boosie. The song is a banger and is a great record, lets see how this works out.

Chris can be found on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Mistah Fab

Mistah FAB

Mistah FAB is most well known for his prior deal with Atlantic Records and the release of his single “Ghost Ride It.”

Mistah FAB currently has his own brand of clothing called Dope Era which depicts images from the good old Nintendo and 8-bit days. It’s quite a fresh line. From the looks of this Instagram page, he is still doing many things in the music realm. We will just have to wait to see what happens next.

Lil Flip

Lil Flip

Lil Flip is a popular Houston based rapper with many platinum hits including “Game Over” and “Sunshine”

It sees like Lil Flip the Clover G is now making music completely independently without any label backing. He currently has a indie labe called Clover G. His label website has not been updated for many years.

His Twitter page is currently still active.

Yung Berg

ray j 010408

Yung Berg is most popular for his single “Hey Sexy Lady” which was a platinum record.

It’s really hard to tell what Berg is currently doing now a days. We know that he has always been a great producer and is still producing a lot of music for many artists including Nicki Minaj.

From what we see on his Instagram it doesn’t seem like he has been recording any new music himself. Yung Berg is also active on his Twitter page.



Mims is most well known for his one hit wonder “This Is Why I’m Hot.”

We haven’t seen anything from rapper Mims since his first and only single and dispute with Capitol Records. Since then he has been making music independently. He release a new music video for his song “Money And The Power.”

Mims is still currently active on his Twitter page as well as Facebook. It doesn’t seem like he’s created anything new in the last year.

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