TonDon Isn’t Prone To Wasting Time

What makes TonDon a remarkable artist is how he presents himself. From his delivery on tracks to his command on stage, his time is coming up. The potential for global reach is nearby and each day puts him closer. TonDon is expected to release top notch music that will engrave his name into the culture of hip hop.

“I’m a different kind of rapper. Don’t care about comparisons but instead focus on the end goal which is making a big name in rap and for Cleveland my home town. Never prone to wasting time ever. I’ve come from a home of respect and I don’t give if it’s not given,” TonDon explains. He sees rap as an outlet for himself and he used to make sad songs and poems about how bad his life was or is. Then he went on to reveal feelings through diss tracks expressing more passion by picking up his speed and asserting himself. Now he’s basically his own producer playing around in studios and mixing. He’s only rapping on YouTube beats for now and plan on getting linked up with people for beats.

TonDon’s end goal is for his name to be well known and respected. He wants to give his mother and siblings the life they weren’t lucky enough to be blessed with. “I would love to be signed to a bigger label and making millions. I am currently working on a mixtape titled So Original and later an album,” he adds in.

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