TJO, There Is No Limitations


TJO is originally from Laredo, TX, born and raised, who started making music around the 8th grade as a hobby that ended during his junior year of high school due to mockery. Friends and acquaintances would chant his lines in the halls. TJO eventually came to the conclusion that he wasn’t good enough and being a hip-hop artist was not his occupation in life. After moving to San Antonio, TX for college a newfound friend who inspired him greatly after a night where TJO was convinced to rap to a beat playing. It was history from there!

TJO favors no specific genre because he believes they all have their own unique way of lyrical meaning through emotional sound whether it be hip-hop, rap, r&b, blues, jazz, soul, 80’s, 90’s, country, rock, alternative, Reggae, beach bum music. they all bring great joy. His dream has always been to become a very well known hip-hop artist worldwide with a greater ambition of changing the world with the knowledge God provides him and with music. TJO wants to help the world, stop the negativity between one another, and show everyone that anyone is capable of anything as long as they believe in themselves.

TJO believes heavily in God and knows he guides him to the right paths of opportunity. TJO knew it would be a good idea to try and reach out to new people because what’s talent without work? A quote that he lives by religiously is: “There is no limitation in Life but the One you create for yourself.” By following that quote to the T he’s never accepted rejection and strives for success. That’s why we have the great stars and great actors we have today because they never quit no matter what closed minded people told them they weren’t good enough.


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