Timbo Slice Has A Knack For Wordplay


When it comes to being musically inclined, Chicago’s Timbo Slice is not a new person in the recording business and has made a name for himself. From innovative and vanguard lyrics to overall performance and style, the music is speaking for itself. Don’t sleep on Slice because the musician and entrepreneur might just have something up their sleeve that is purely unexpected.

Growing up listening to Fabolous and Jadakiss, the inspiration from these two artists has propelled Slice to pursue a career in music. With a superb knack for wordplay he’s now seeking the opportunity and platform to show all people that Chicago is more than the drill music that’s been synonymous with the city. His progression in music has been steady and he credits a performance at Club Nuzuri as a pivotal point due to the audience knowing the words to his songs.

Currently Slice’s working on his second mixtape titled Fuck Bein Nice and is also working on booking more shows and gaining as much exposure as possible. His goal is to perform for larger crowds, book out of state shows, headline shows, and be recognized by fans in public.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/timboslice74

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