ThuroBredz Clique, Saving Hip-Hop


Shooting bullets from the east coast, ThuroBredz Clique steps into the hip-hop battleground prepared to fight. Composed of thirteen members, it’s loaded up on the frontline with I.B The M.C., Rabbstarr Bling, Sub Major, O.D Adon, Izze Country, Zig Zag, D.C Da Beast, Dubbz Demayo, IllWill Flame Billz, Bucc Wildin, Veez Da Poet, Sage Saprano and Mizzy M.E. Da Madman (R.I.P). ThuroBredz Clique came to life in 1996 when I.B the M.C linked up with Arizona and Showtime. ThuroBredz evolved from the term that I.B used to define an “all around” thug that graduated from the streets, understood the streets, the world and the traps for young black men. The ThuroBredz code is to always be original and always be you, nothing more and nothing less.

The ThuroBredz Clique, active for 7 years, has thirteen different types of ammunition fueled by the variety of artists and styles and they are more than prepared for this war to save hip-hop. They are ready to recruit hip-hop heads from all over to join their movement of embracing freedom and originality. They aren’t afraid to step outside the box, to be original and unique, instead they embrace their individuality in a group setting to become a powerful force in the hip-hop industry. The Clique writes and produces their own songs, from lyrics to arranging; it is one hundred percent ThuroBredz brand.

The Clique released their debut mixtape on the 26th of March in 2011 called “Thuro Chronicles 1080p HD,” hosted by Cassidy’s very own DJ Thoro. ThuroBredz Clique is currently working on the second installment of the “Thuro Chronicles: Blurred Vision” mixtape series. “The Thuro Chronicles: Blurred Vision” mixtape documents the journey the Clique experienced as a family of amateur rappers who evolved into a group of entertainers. So here they stand, platinum ready to speak for those scared to voice their opinions and prepared to fight for the love and freedom of hip-hop.

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