Thomas Tissot, Studying Business Law Has Opened Doors

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Thomas Tissot started making music 8 years ago. When he began it was all about the rhymes, he spent few years perfecting his skills. After a few features on local mixtapes and concerts, he got noticed in his hometown where he started working on his first project. Then he moved to another town to study business law at the university. There, with 2 friends and artists, he started a band called Forever Young. After 2 EPs released on Soundcloud in 2013, which put them on the map, they started to work on their first album titled The First Step. That’s when Thomas started to produce.

In 2014 the album was released and distributed independently. During the summer following the release of the album they went on tour to promote it. But the need to produce is own project started to rise. In December 2015, Thomas produced and released his solo EP R.I.D.E. featuring artists like DEXX!, Chromatik, and Fred Nice. The project allowed him to get noticed by blogs and media.

Thomas started to produce for more artists and is working on starting his own publishing society to be able to make the best out of his overseas collaborations launching the careers of the artists he’s working with in Europe. He also started his own online magazine, Sauvages. Studying business law gave him the skills and allowed him to see the opportunities of creating his own businesses, his own lane.

Official website:
Facebook: @thomastissot01
Instagram: @thomas_tissot
Twitter: @TissotThomas


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