There’s Nothing Common About Jordan DeVil

Rude Boy Magazine

Born and raised on the East Side of Toronto, Canada, 20 year old  Jordan DeVil’s stickers can be found all around the world. Jordan’s exploits are not only musical in nature, with both a clothing brand that also offers worldwide shipping, as well as a wine he calls “LE GANG WINE”, which will soon be selling a Chardonnay made from Spanish grapes. He’s been making music since 2010, since releasing 2 mix-tapes “41666” and “400 to heartbreak.” He is soon to take off with his new project that still has yet to be named.

Follow Jordan DeVil on Twitter @jordan_t_graham. Check out more on his website You can listen to more of his music on SoundCloud at

Jordan DeVil – Rocky Roads

Jordan DeVil – Get Smoked, Freestyle

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