The SuburbanKnights, Centralia


The SuburbanKnights are a hip-hop collective from the small town in Pennsylvania named Hamburg outside of Reading. They consist of two artists at the time, Comanche Manchild and Micah. The duo met in high school and during an art history class both realized they enjoyed music and decided to start recording songs. Once they got word that Macaulay Culkin heard one of their tracks and liked it they decided they had to keep making music.

The studio consisted of stacked mattresses in a basement. This resulted in a quality that fitted the hardcore-punk influence in their music. Their influences stretch across many other genres, from Cold World and Blacklisted to Yeezy and Cudi. The SuburbanKnights offer a whole new level of experimental hip-hop and like to blend with other genres to create fresh and original tracks. It’s only been a year since they first started recording and already their buzz has spread down the coast.

Currently they are recording a debut mixtape entitled “Centralia.” The title is a metaphor for the heroin epidemic sweeping the area they are from (like the coal fire in Centralia). The mixtape contains lyrical tracks along with head banging instrumentals and meaningful songs. They are also playing a campus tour across the Keystone State playing at Pitt, WVU, and Millersville along with others. The SuburbanKnights stand for individuality and hope to bring back conscious hip-hop and good music all together.

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