The Dream Team, The Illest Sickest Realest


Coming out of Stockton, CA, one of the most ruthless cities in America today, is the best of Mudville’s finest. Knowing the struggle of the game, all striving for the same goal, they put everything on the line. Each individual has seen the worst and has been through the worst rising above the hate, jealousy, envy, and all negativity engraving the name with an impact that has been in them since the start of the journey to the present time.

Now see what happens when they join together creating the most illest-sickest-realest music you will hear. San Wizzle and Lil San Sin bring the heat and give out the best beats a producer can dream for. While Da Boi, Crucial, Yung Rich, Free Most, and Lady Breed give you that raw-uncut-straight-upfront lyrics that will have you wanting to hear more. Don’t worry though, they can’t stop and they won’t stop making the best music as they put their life in the studio and never giving up.

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