The Doyle Bothers, Family Is Everything

DBs ARTWORK2 - Press Photo July2014 (Couch)

Family is everything, it can define who you are. It can reveal and support strengths and passions. It can create intuitive bonds through shared experiences. It can drive you crazy, but it always brings you home. And it’s at the absolute core of The Doyle Bothers.

Having been deeply immersed in a musical environment since conception, the duo of Todd Doyle (Box, Vox) and Ryan Jacob Doyle (Vox, Axe) grew up in a household that was constantly filled with audio influences. Whether it was coming from their parents singing harmonies and playing instruments (semi-retired music teacher Tom Doyle and artist Cindy Doyle, married shortly after performing in a 70’s folk group together) or their older siblings blasting their cd collections or having live band rehearsals (Brad Doyle and David Nathaniel Doyle couldn’t help ending up musicians as well) the music was almost inescapable.

It was a natural progression that lead Todd and Ryan to finding their means of expression together, habitually honing their sound into spirited songs with accessible but often uncommon arrangements. This is evident in their studio recordings and showcased on their EP entitled “Synapse.”

Currently based out of New York City, one can catch the duos’ frequent live performances in the city, on an independent nationwide tour, or occasionally in their hometown of Buffalo, NY where the guys have been proud to have hosted several charity events for various causes. Their shows have a reputation of appealing to a wide range of audiences, and is greatly enhanced by the good natured report that the siblings share both on and off stage. It’s a connection that has been developed and nurtured their entire lives. It’s the kind of thing that can only come from being family.

Learn more about The Doyle Brothers on their website at and on Soundcloud.

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