The Cool Youngmace, My Musical Career

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The artist The Cool Youngmace is a rapper and producer from Boston, MA. He was born on Jan. 14th 1991. His mother is from Caldwell, Liberia and his father is from the states. The Cool Youngmace started his musical career in the summer of 2004.

He was just a young kid when he first started to make beats. He would make beats to rap on as well as for his friends and other artists. His beats were unconventional since he taught himself, but were before his time. In 2008 he started to take his career to the next level as he hooked up with a producer from Northeastern University named Simon Solvang. Simon took Youngmace under his wing and showed him the ins and outs of the music industry. In 2009 the two parted ways but still remain friends today.

The Cool Youngmace decided to take the independent route as well as giving up beat making to focus more on producing and rapping. Youngmace started to gain a lot of buzz towards the end of 2009 as he posted new songs and videos constantly on Facebook and YouTube. He later dropped his first mixtape titled “January’s Own” at the age of 19.

Two years later he landed a distribution deal with Unimo Digital Distribution, an off shoot of Motown Records. The Cool Youngmace was able to earn the copyrights to his songs as well as sell them online with major distributors such as iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and more.

In 2012 he hooked up with the people from CD Baby and a couple press release sites to drop his second mixtape. The mixtape titled “The Young and Relentless” is his claim to fame. Hit tracks like “The Weeknd” and “Pour It Sloww” demanded attention from social networks and sites all over the internet. This mixtape was life changing for The Cool Youngmace as he was offered to do shows at many venues nationwide.

He is currently working on albums for the future as well as producing music videos. The Cool Youngmace officially joined ASCAP becoming a songwriter as well as a publisher in 2013.

Learn more about The Cool Youngmace on his Facebook page.

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