The Ashley Bean Band, Circle In My Mind

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As the lead singer for the The Ashley Bean Band, Ashley Bean’s project is an original rock band from the Peoria, IL area. Together since 2011, their music has been compared to the Nirvana and Alice In Chains with an Evanescence influence.

Opening for the hit 80’s band Warrant, The Ashley Bean Band procured and meeting with Diana Meltzer who signed Seether, Evanescence, Finger Eleven and many others. The band also had the pleasure of performing at the House of Blues (Chicago) in from of Atlantic Records. Their 2013 release titled My Kind of Ride is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Today we’re excited to feature the headlining song titled “Circle In My Mind.”

The Ashley Bean Band is currently working on new album and are working with people in the music industry who are providing the guidance to move on the next level. With the goal to tour and entertain the world with their music and to inspire others to never give on their dreams, The Ashley Bean Band is poised to breakthrough and make their own dreams a reality.

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