T.H.C., It’s All Worth It


T.H.C. the oddity, also known as Joseph Gomez, is a Toledo, Ohio native who raised in the 80’s and through the 90’s. With musical influences as Kiss, Prince, ICP, and Tupac, he grew into music after a couple years of writing poetry starting in 1999. He evolved into a hip hop artist after his mother’s passing releasing a full album dedicated to her in late 2002. He went on to release 4 solo albums, 2 group albums, and 11 mixtapes all independently which have left a mark in and out of Ohio.

From singles spread citywide to collaborations all through the U.S. T.H.C. has expanded over the years. Growing up in the eastside in the “Glass City” and representing to the fullest he, has done a little over 300 shows to date trying to make his name. BZ Productions is his record label his, but T.H.C. primarily records with 1837 Entertainment that’s owned and operated by Alan Horton. He has many projects going from ‘Certified’ his clothing line to working on another full length album coming out this year.

T.H.C. has endured many losses over the years and tries to take his pain and utilize it to show people how to cope and show them they’re not alone. He strives to make a change through his music and he left us with this quote, “Even if one person buys it, tries it, and half likes it, it was worth all my timing.”

Reverbnation: @toledoshighestcriminal
Soundcloud: @toledoshighestcriminal

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