ThaGataNegrra, A Penchant For The Odd


ThaGataNegrra is an alternative hip-hop artist who specializes in innovative lyrics, cleverly twisted metaphors, and a funky start-stop delivery that nails the listener from the word go. Her distinct flow, catlike persona, and penchant for the odd not only earned ThaGataNegrra her feline namesake and the tag of PunkRhyma™, but made her a force that is undeniable. A native of Newark, NJ, ThaGataNegrra showed early signs of being a renaissance woman; she was frequently found drawing, dancing, acting, crafting, or writing. Her singer/songwriter father, and mother’s passion for exposing Gata to as many cultural experiences as she could, inspired Gata to express herself through several mediums.

Gata kept busy with local shows and lending herself to other artists’ recording projects mainly for the sake of sharing what she wrote. Prospective collaborators were annoyed by, and misunderstood, her lyrics; they were of the opinion that girls weren’t supposed to talk “that” way—in an aggressive fashion. It was then that Gata decided she wouldn’t overhaul herself for anyone— compromise, perhaps, but not completely change.

Gata is painted as the manga/anime character of the hip-hop spectrum; her performances highlight this by featuring cosplay and visual/decora kei styles. Her musical style was colorfully described as “the bastard child of Hello Kitty and Eminem,” “infectious,” “honest,” and “full-bottle in-your-face chick-hop,” Her influences range from Golden Era hip-hop and punk to dance and new wave. She is a founding member of The Alliance for Alternative and Eclectic Hip-Hop (AAEHH). She has been showcased at Code of tha Cuts: Project B-Girl at Vans Warped Tour, the ING NYC Marathon, and her music was included in the second season of the controversial-groundbreaking hit Hulu show “East Los High.”

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