Tha Monkey House, Underdog’s Appetite For Success


Hailing from the high desert in Victorville, California, Tha Monkey House is a rap collective first founded in 2008 by Alex Borowski, Steven Anaya, and David Aguilera with newly-added member Dylan Stoddard in 2013. These four fresh-faced upstarts spend their days in the Mojave Desert making a variety of tracks that range sonically from traditional hip-hop bangers to experimental alternative jams providing listeners with a garden-fresh and organic sound that feels like now.  2014 saw these four young men at a series of highly-praised headlining shows in Los Angeles, California’s underground hip-hop scene which culminated in an opening spot on The Paisley Summer Tour with fellow Golden State rappers Vince Staples and Audio Push.

Comprised of Ziggy Braun, St.Even, Jimmy Tha Funksta (all aged 24), and newcomer Scumdawg (age 21) this group brings a deftly unique look and atmosphere to their live sets. Mr. Braun brings a light-hearted traditional Run DMC-like showmanship to his performances with a focus on seriously vicious rhymes; St.Even packs a powerful punch on the mic with Rage Against The Machine-esque vocals and a darkly dramatic edge; Jimmy Tha Funksta hits the audience with breakneck murder bars that shatter speed limits; and rounding out the foursome you will find the youngest, Scumdawg, whose gritty gutter street tales show how rough falling in the dirt can be.

Drawing comparisons to the Beastie Boys for their highly-energetic, yet collected style, they have released a slew of lo-fi mixtapes and a debut eponymous album, 2014’s “Tha Monkey House LP,” released in November through the band’s Bandcamp page. With a truly different swagger about them and an underdog’s appetite for success, Tha Monkey House is the premiere hip-hop group to watch out for in 2015 with live concert dates already being set.

Learn more about Tha Monkey House on their Official Collective Website.

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