TG, Delivering Perfection


TG can remember like it was yesterday when he was in the 8th grade English class writing rhymes. In 9th grade he and a schoolmate, Jon B, began to rap and before he knew it a CD was produced. In 2008 TG was offered a solo record deal, but a member of Star Music took offense and TG parting ways with the label. In 2009 TG and another childhood friend, Savage, recorded freestyles while on breaks at work. Jon went on to med school but continues to give TG great beats whenever he can.

TG’s newest mixtape, “#Heir,” is unique due to the versatility and the distinctive style of each individual song. No two songs are the same which makes it captivating to listen to. Every song has its own story to tell and there are many stories being told. It is chocked full of fresh tracks and written, recorded, and delivered to perfection.

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