Terry Presume, Nonchalant Punk Rap


Terry Presume, 20, has one of those stories that many people can relate to. You know, the outcasts. Terry was born and raised in Naples, Florida, southeast on the map, and grew up with the opportunity to see the best of both worlds as many like to call it. In Naples, which seems like it’s completely surrounded with mansions and European rides, there’s other parts too. He was raised in Golden Gate, well known as The Gates or Zone6 because of the last digits in the area code 3411(6). Being that he was raised in that area, Terry, along with the rest of the Golden Gate population, were being branded as savages and he personally liked it.

Terry’s music ranges from every corner of Soul and Punk genres. Whether it be Rap, R&B, or Rock he’s become a person of artistry and has mastered his diversity. Terry usually makes lyrical content that people relate to and has gotten comparisons to J.Cole, Andre 3000, Jay Z, Big Krit, and even the early Mick Jenkins and Chance The Rapper. As a rapper Terry believes that he sounds like no one, but if to be compared at least it’s by greats. His sound is a nonchalant Punk Rap.

Official website: www.twitter.com/TerryPresume
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/terry-presume

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