Taz “Mula” Money, Hitting A Home Run


The south Bronx Hip Hop artist by the name of Taz “Mula” Money is independent. Coming from a line of musically talented family members he picked up quickly and unlike the singers, he chose Rap. Intrigued as to how he can use his sly wordplay to his advantage he began writing music about his life. With the mind of a hustler and the ability to tell a story for people to relate to, he made a choice to create lyrical pictures meaning he is an artist.

Creating different scenes of his life through his music brings the diversity to the table. How many people can say they lived his life? Willing to learn and become better day by day Taz shows his hunger and passion to be great. Every time he’s in the studio he pours his heart and soul on songs just to give you a taste of what he is about.

It’s a big playing field for this south Bronx artist but Taz promises to get in gear and hit a home run. Who knows what the future may hold for this young man, nut his sights are set on making it to the top. Thinking ahead he already has ideas of building his own label and gathering an unbelievable line up.

Official website: www.tazmulamoney.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/tazmulamoney


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