TAYO, The Root Of All SYN


TAYO is an independent Brooklyn artist that’s a part of a group known as Syndicate. Being born and raised in New York City, the influences of urban culture and the NYC lifestyle is reflected in his sinister demeanor. The artist initially found the talent for rapping in a high school club he attended with his peers that later formed Syndicate. The club was asked to write and perform verses that ended with displaying to themselves and the public that there’s potential. He is a senior in high school about to graduate to follow his dreams in music while finishing school.

The Brooklyn rapper dropped his first single “Ridin” that racked up a creditable amounts of plays for a debut track release. This momentum motivated TAYO to drop a follow up track that received similar feedback and motivated him to keep working. By recording, mixing, and promoting on his own with the help of his team, he is putting together a project.

With TAYO’s upcoming EP titled The Root Of All SYN coming late spring, he’s aspiring to build his following and network with other upcoming artists to make more material and build his connections. He also has other passions in fashion and IT work that he incorporates with his music and image. The indie artist is set on bringing sinister style into the game.

Official website: www.tayosyn.wix.com/tayo
Twitter: @tayosyn
Instagram: @tayo.syn
Facebook: @tayosyndicate
Soundcloud: @tayosyn

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