Taylor Weeze, Talents Our Product


T.O.P. Dollaz Timeless Music Group hails from the City of Sin, Las Vegas, Nevada. Each member reps a different city and state and have joined forces for this music movement. Taylor Weeze is holding down this movement that’s about life and the struggle. On his way to lyrical genius, as Co-CEO of T.O.P. Dollaz, this young man gives you laid back music and has something to be said. South Central raised and repping the City of Angles and City of Sin, he’s just begun.

T.O.P. Dollaz’ been pretty blessed with the amount of support as well as connections gained from fans, family, and friends. One of their accomplishments has been working with the local talented video director Tay Price. He has been more than willing to do videos for T.O.P. and has done 3 of the 5 videos so far. Another accomplishment would be that Taylor Weeze’s “Dreams vs Reality” was featured as one of thisis50.com DL films Showcase hosted by Mike P. Mike P is a well-known comedian in Las Vegas.

The most current video that just finished production is for the track “Matter of Time” and is currently in post-production; it’s another Tay Price film. Also in the works is their first mixtape titled Diamond In The Rough Draft. As an overall movement they are seeking to not be limited by boundaries and want to become a household name and brand, a slogan for a way of life to stay on top of matters. Talents Our Product and that’s what T.O.P. Dollaz stands for. Today we’re featuring the music video for “Matter of Time” performed by Taylor Weeze and filmed by Tay Price.

Official website: www.Lvhog.com
Soundcloud: taylorweeze
Twitter: @thedeantopdolla | @thedeanneversat
Instagram: @_Topdollaz_ | @team_Topdollaz

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