Tae, A True Hero


Loving to create and inspire people, Tae, who as of late has had hero attached to his name, is delivering music that’s positive and uplifting. As an avid music creator he sets the scene and is not limited to just only hip hop. Aside from versatile vocals, he plays the piano and produces instrumentals.

With two solid years of solid music creation, Tae has traveled and performed in front of LA crowds, has been blessed to join the company of amazing producers, and even better received a Facebook message mentioning how his music had changed the sender’s life. For an artist whose goal is to provide music that’s delivering an effective message, learning that it’s done its job is a treat.

Tae released his EP titled Change earlier this year and is already working on the follow up. What’s more prolific about his work is that his goal is to send 10 children to camp this upcoming summer. He wants to provide a lasting experience for kids who are in situations that wouldn’t be able to participate in such an event. Once done with his endeavor, he plans to release the next project which will remain unnamed for now.

Official website: www.taehero.com
Soundcloud: taeherorogue

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