What It Takes to be the Greatest

What does it take to be the greatest? The simple truth is hard work and dedication. T-Lamp has been professionally making music since 2008,  when he released his first mixtape and album. Since then, he has been determined to prove himself, utilizing social media since the MySpace days, releasing 8 mixtapes, and appearing on the mixtapes of other hip-hop DJ’s. He has received radio play of his music, and has done many shows in his home state of Louisiana. His latest mixtape December X is even better, professionally mastered, with well crafted lyrics. This is for sure one on the verge of making it big.

Follow T-Lamp on Twitter @IamT_lamp and Facebook at facebook.com/tlamp97. Also Check out his website artistecard.com/IamTlamp, SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/tlampkin2 and YouTube page at youtube.com/user/MeEntTV.

T-Lamp – City Bus Musik

T-Lamp – Personal Conversation 2

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