T-Krack, Where The Good Vibes At

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Gaetano Aliotta, born January 17, 1992, better known by my stage name T-Krack, is an Italian rapper and beat maker from the island of Sicily located on the southern tip of Italy. He fell in love with music and in a particular way with rap at the age of fifteen; from that year everything has changed for the enterprising artist. Since the moment T-Krack met music, he started to feel full and discovered a part of himself that was hidden from him before. He describe himself through this proverb that reflects perfectly who he is, “Still Water Runs Deep.”

T-Krack wants to reach out to people’s heart and people’s soul. Every time he makes music he digs deep into his soul to make sure his music reflects his multiple state of minds and to make sure it goes straight to people’s heart so they can feel exactly like he was feeling when he made that particular song. Just like the light at the end of a tunnel, he wants to be like that for the people when they listen to his music.

To date, T-Krack has released one mixtape called Trapped In My Mind and one EP called Dreams Are Too Loud. Now he’s waiting for the releasing of his first album Where The Good Vibes At??!!, a project that’s more introspective than the other projects before. Now that he’s moved from Sicily to London, he wants to do it big with music. So it’s time to go from being local to global.

Audiomack: tkrack
Soundcloud: tkrack

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