T.Dot, Loyalty Ent.

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Travis Herbert, known by his stage name T.Dot, is an aspiring hip-hop artist and producer. He is a member of Buffalo, New York’s hip-hop group Loyalty Ent. Originally born and raised in New Jersey, T.Dot was a shy kid reluctant to share his true feelings with friends and family. T.Dot found comfort in expressing his emotions through writing and it quickly became therapeutic. This soon became his passion and T.Dot began writing about everything from his darkest secrets down to his simplest experiences throughout the day.

T.Dot fell in love with the art and the craft of rap versus the portrayed lifestyle of a music artist. The material that influenced the music was more intriguing to him than the materialistic image that the artist illustrated to the public. As T.Dot grew older, his writing continued to evolve and he began to experiment with making songs. At the age of 19, T.Dot attended his first official studio session and he was amazed at everything that transpired in order to develop a song. Unsure about his future, T.Dot decided right then and there that music was what he wanted to pursue.

T.Dot is now released his mixtape, titled “Love For The Sport: Mixtape Before The Mixtape,” on August 13, 2013 which is proclaimed to have a “Lil Wayne Dedication type of feel…” T.Dot released “Tell Me” on 12/8/14 as the first official single off his upcoming album titled “Thoughts of Ambition” set to release in February 2015.

Learn more about T.Dot by following him on Instagram and Twitter @TDotTheRawest.

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