Synthetic Epiphany, Pushing The Envelope


With hundreds of original songs already part of this 21 year old producer’s personal collection, Synthetic Epiphany is no stranger to the world of production. Real name Marcus Levy-Chance, he hails from the south of England, near Bristol, but moved to York at 18, and is currently completing a master’s degree in music production at the University of York. Synthetic focuses on a wide variety of unique electronic styles and is the epitome of an artist that is pushing the envelope and trying new things.

The atmospheric, bass heavy, sounds of the early UK dubstep scene were what first attracted Synthetic to electronic music but he soon began exploring other genres and since then he has immersed himself in the electronic scene. His tracks flow into multiple Electronic sub-genres: House, Techno, Dubstep, Ambient, Drum & Bass, and Future Garage. Even after genre tagging a song, you may find yourself hard-pressed to stick with whatever category you filed it under.

Synthetic does not produce for mass appeal but strives to be truly original and push the boundaries of existing genres. What he does comes from his soul and you can definitely feel it in his music. Releasing the majority of his music independently through Bandcamp allows him to retain full creative control of his work and his Soundcloud page hosts over a hundred original tunes and remixes; many of them being provided as free downloads.

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