Sydney B., Love What You Do

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Encountering life changing issues at a young age, Pascagoul, MS born Sydney Lin Burks Wash (April 20, 1988), Sydney B, always knew that she wanted to leave her imprint on the world regardless that her hearing was fading away as a child. After multiple surgeries at the age of 6, she began the road to recovery. Now she functions as a recording artist while missing 30% of her hearing. After graduating from Camp Shelby’s YCP program in December of 2005, she was asked to sing on a friend’s song. Recording, singing, and performing was always a dream of hers and even though she had no idea what she was doing she took a chance. She walked into the studio unknown and walked out as Sydney B.

One year into recording her self-written tunes, she was asked to rap on a track. The guys thought the white girl was just going to mess up and move on, but little did they know they opened up a whole new world for Sydney. She’s a member of the Gulf Coast’s hottest studio, The Underground Talent Center, where she records with her fellow team members. She is also a member of the Hip Hop group The Grey Area with fellow rappers YJ and her sister Leila Bleu under the label Match1 Productions out of Mobile, AL. Sydney was recently featured on south Alabama’s hottest Hip Hop and R&B radio station 93 Blx’s The Underground hosted by Nina Rawz.

Sydney is constantly performing and pushing herself to be greater than she has ever been. She has faced much adversity being a southern white female Hip Hop artist. No blank stare or harsh opinion ever bothered her. She is a big heart wrapped in talent. The only thing she wants in this life is to show people that if you love what you do then it’s never work. Sydney wants to start a charity for veterans who have received no help from the country they fought to protect. She would also like to show bigger sized people that sometimes talent does shine brighter than the glitter and glam that is often used in place of it; sometimes size has nothing to do with it.

Twitter: @Thesydneyb228 | @Thegreyarea228 | @YoungJ228
Instagram: @Sydneyb228 | @YoungJ228

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