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Corey Johns aka Swisher is a 18 year old aspiring hip hop music producer from Birmingham, England. At the age of 16 he decided to delve into the wonders of music production and from there on it took off. At the very beginning he had no idea what to do so he decided to self teach himself through several methods such as hours and hours of trial and error; experimentation with the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and FL Studio; and even more hours and hours of YouTube tutorials. Each spec of information he took in and added his own twists to what he was learning and added his own flavor and style to the music he was creating.

He first started to produce hip hop instrumentals and through progression is now producing every sub genre of hip hop you can think off. For example: trap, R&Bn, old school, etc. He also strives and pushes himself to his limits and produces a lot of house music which he is starting to DJ now.

Swisher has a childhood friend that goes by the name of 4:20 Music and together they make the collective 4:20 x Swisher. This partnership has brought out  the best out of both producers delivering the most talked about and hyped projects that they have released between them. 4:20 x Swisher are planning on releasing an EP independently sometime in the near future showcasing unheard and brand new material which they are both currently working on together spending endless hours tweaking their art to perfection. In the near future look out for Roths Child.

4:20 x Swisher have teamed up with a well known drum and bass MC, it’s all under wraps at the moment. They will be bringing you the very best in new and upcoming music by merging the two genres of hip hop and drum and bass together perfectly to create their own style and leave there mark within the game. Swisher has recently been showcased on the BBC’s ‘BBC INTRODUCING’ receiving airplay in his country.

Contact Swisher on his email: coreyjohns1996@yahoo.co.uk

Follow him on any social media:
Twitter: @Officialswisher
Instagram: @swishermusic

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