Suquando Duke, Passion Worth Dying For


“All in all though, staying positive and working harder than ever is key.”

Suquando Duke is an inspiring Hip Hop artist and producer from Des Moines, Iowa. Known for his distinctive delivery and flow, he is considered one of the up and coming artists to look out for in Hip Hop today. The VR$TY Movement has been a project creation of Duke’s that began in his later years of high school designed to explain the challenges of balancing basketball and music. Basketball took a backseat during that time which resulted in Duke not making the cut that year. Senior year was more of Suquando saying basketball is something that wouldn’t be a priority going forward. VR$TY consists of Duke’s closest friends from his adolescent years who happen to be inclined with music as well.

Duke started doing music when he was a young child following the footsteps of his father and majority of his family. He knew it was something he always wanted to pursue. Duke went through several phases finding himself as an artist. When he graduated high school he finally understood the artist he was becoming; it was natural and nothing was forced in the process. He realized he had a story to tell and the story was worth listening and engaging into.

It is indeed still hard to pull the people into the message Duke is trying to send and if he never gets it across he knows for sure he will die trying to. Music isn’t about having a million fans, it just means that those one million people can relate to a story. It would be a blessing if Duke can get million ears to tune into his. If not, Duke will always make music because it’s an art and the passion for this is worth dying for.

Official website:
Twitter: @Suquando
Facebook: Suquando Duke
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