Sunny Black Blends Old School Lyrics With New School Beats

Sunny Black is coming into the music industry with hot beats and lyrics. Add to that a stunning stage presence, this New Jersey based artist’s style is unforgettable and undeniable. The locals are digging this fresh style and only the best is yet to come. Sunny Black has a gusto about his work that goes unmatched to others. It’s that enthusiasm that’s the platform to his success.

The artist represent the best of New Jersey hip hop through and through. He goes on to say, “In Jersey we stay loyal to the traditions of hip hop, but we know how to update those traditions to any time period. My sound is unique in that I blend old school style lyrics, the kind that really move you and put them to new school style beats that make you want to move.” All of Sunny Black’s singles have been featured so far on internet radio stations from Miami to the Carolinas to New York and Dallas. Furthermore, his current singles are part of his first mixtape and all are available for listening on Soundcloud or for free download on Bandcamp.

Sunny Black’s second album is on the way and with each new project he inches closer to his goals. He adds in, “My goals are to keep making music as long as my fans want me to and until it stops being fun, which I’ve got to say I don’t see happening in the near future.”


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