RBTV | Submitting A Music Video

Submitting your music video to RBTV and RB Lifestyle is now easier than ever! Please read through the steps carefully below before starting. Thanks!


RBTV Music Video Submission Guidelines

  • Please make sure the music video is less than 10 minutes long.
  • Please make sure it is a music video, we do not feature videos with just the lyrics.
  • Please make sure the music video is less than one years old.
  • Please make sure there is no nudity in the music video.

Publishing Fees & Details

  • There is a one time $59 publishing fee per video
  • Your music video will be published on our site and social media pages within 1-2 days guaranteed.

Publish Music Video

  • Please insert the link of your music video directly to us below. Thanks!

Music Video URL Link:

For all questions and inquiry about your video, please contact us here. Thanks!