Street Currency Declined: 10 Rappers with No Street Cred

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We all know that street credibility is essential in the hip-hop industry. It can make or break an artist’s career and offers a sense of authenticity for die hard hip-hop fans. But what happened if a hip-hop superstar does not own the streets that they rap about?

Today we will look at 10 hip-hop sensations who don’t exactly claim their street thrones. On this list you’ll see show-stopping “Femcees” to chart-topping music “Gigolos,” all culminating in our number 1 pick for rapper with the least street cred. Get ready!

10)  Macklemore

10 macklemore

At number 10 on our list is Grammy award winning hip-hop artist Macklemore. Actually it is his Grammy award win itself (where he edged out the favorite, Kendrick Lamar) that put him on our list. The win left many questioning if he really deserved it and ultimately diminished his street credibility.

9)  Nick Canon

9 nick cannon

Next on our list is, the funny man himself, Nick Cannon. While he is best known for his acting abilities, he has had a very successful hip-hop career (especially for his hit song “Gigolo”). But he has never really shown an attitude of toughness throughout his career and his latest album called “White People Party” doesn’t help.

8)  Iggy Azalea

8 iggy azalea

At #8 on our list is the chart-topping “Femcee” herself Iggy Azalea. While the MC has been owning the hip-hop world in terms of chart performance, many people feel as though her songs have too much of a pop influence.

7) Rick Ross

7 rick ross

Many might be wondering why Rick Ross is even on this list. But when he announced that he had been a correctional officer in 2008, it left many questioning his authenticity as an MC.

6) Nicki Minaj

6 nicki minaj

While this hip-hop phenom has had a great success as a “femcee,” (even surpassing Michael Jackson in Billboard Hot 100 entries) she has had quite a hard time keeping street credibility. Although at the start of her career her music consisted of die-hard hip-hop bars, as the years went on her music changed to bubbly pop tunes.

5) Dr. Dre

5 dr dre

We all know 80s hip-hop sensation Dr. Dre, who revolutionized the rap industry, but his recent endeavor in corporate business with his company Beats by Dre has ended in many posing the question “Is Dr. Dre a sell-out?”

4) Ice T

4 ice t

The famed MC Ice T garnered a lot of attention for his smooth rhymes on songs such as “Cop Killer” back in the early 90, but it’s his acting endeavors that may have killed his street cred. His soft roles on shows such as Law & Order SVU and his reality show on E! are the reasons why he is number 4 on our list.

3) Ice Cube

3 ice cube

Ice Cube is often stated on the list of greatest hip-hop legends of all-time, but it’s his recent dabblings in cheesy kids movies, such as “Are We There Yet?” that has diminished his street cred.

2) Bow Wow

2 bow wow

At #2 is the rap prodigy himself Bow Wow. While he had garnered much success as a child rapper, he never quite learned how to smoothly transition from a child star to an adult hip-hop sensation.

1)  Drake

drake 1

Finally at number 1 on our list is no other than one of the most successful MCs of the decade, Drake. While this hip-hop sensation is making millions off of rapping about the hard street life, his past as a childhood actor on the show Degrassi doesn’t help his street credibility (especially being that his childhood was most likely pretty good with him being a former child star and all).


And there we have it, our top 10 list of rappers with no street cred. It’s safe to say that these MCs should stick to making music and leave owning the streets to the real gangsters.

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