StereoTitan, Born & Raised In London


StereoTitan has been singing since the age of 5 years with his first performance being for a black history month concert in front of 1000 or so people marking his first solo. Since finishing secondary school (and subsequently college and 6th form), he has developed his songwriting, producing, and rapping skills over the past 6 years and slowly has found his sound.

The southeast London, born and raised, artist has been influence by his town’s upbringing. Although he only has one video released, he was 18 tracks set for a mixtape with 15+ awaiting to be delegated.

StereoTitan’s latest Soundcloud releases stem from late 2015 and include “Walk In Fuck Shit Up,” the promo instrumental “Clear My Head,” and “Way To Wavey.”

Facebook: @StereoTitan | @RealityCheckStudios
Twitter: @StereoTitanUK
YouTube: @stereotypedmc
Instagram: @stereotitan_music
Snapchat: @stereotitan
Reverbnation: @stereotitan


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