Steady Grindin and Sho Shott, City of Godz

City Of Godz Cover

The wait is over for the false allegation rumors on TMZ saying Crunchy Black of Three 6 Mafia was locked up. Crunchy Black has been busy launching his own recording label called Hard Hittaz Money Gang making a comeback as a solo artist and a C.E.O. of his own company and brand. Crunchy Black has an extremely talented line up of new artists all coming soon to take over the music game.

The grind is real and 1st up to drop an official mixtape is Steady Grindin and Sho Shott’s “City Of Godz” mixtape. The mixtape has a mean collaboration from Mr.Crunchy Black himself and features from the late Lord Infamous’ son Lil Infamous, Locodunit, M Child, Ying Yang Twins, and more. For the listeners’ ear, “City Of Godz” is a mixtape you can bump from the minute you turn it on to the very end. Crunchy found real talent and they are coming in this game straight packing heat and ready to annihilate all these watered-down-unworthy wanna be rappers.

“City Of Godz” is set to drop 2/23/2015, though the date may be pushed back due to possible distribution from Select O Hits. A 30 day tour for “City Of Godz” is being put together and should begin around April 2015. The lineup for this tour will be Crunchy Black, Steady Grindin, Sho Shott, Lozan, and Homey G. If there are any clubs, venues, or club promoters that want to book for The City Of Godz tour contact management: Craig Turns (C.T.) (312) 714-7651.

Instagram: @steadygrindin_hhmg, @mrcrunchyblack, @shooter_hhmg
YouTube: Channel:
Interviews: contact: CT (312) 714-7651 / C.B. (678) 338-7492

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