$tack$, Building Blocks and Stepping Stones


Tajh Virgil, $tack$, 20, is a music producer, hip hop artist, and songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who grew a love for music from a young age. Taught by his mother and grandmother to sing, he went on to become the lead singer for the youth choir at TBM church. At 14 he joined the Kalos music team. That same year, $tack$ received his moniker from his love of money and teamed up with family members to start Bigway Records, LLC which is founded by his father Andrae Virgil (J.U.G.).

$tack$ has furthered his writing and flow by reading books and studying other artists such as Kanye, J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Drake, Big Sean, Jaime Foxx, Usher, and many more. His singles Driving Me Crazy and Up Down are dropping worldwide along with his first project titled Building Blocks and Stepping Stones (BASS) that’s set for January 2016. The album features a variety of 1990’s jazzy hip hop and up-tempo new age pop songs from the production team of $tack$, Prayer, and Antdizzle on the Beat.

$tack$’ other album he’s working on called Distant Memories will feature all new refreshed songs and concepts with his production team of Prayer and Antdizzle on the Beat. This project will drop after he tours with his first album in 2016. $tack$’ goals and aspirations are to affect people positively with his music giving them a way out of their situation, building relationships, and providing self-motivation to people of all color.

Instagram: @tajhvirgil
Facebook: @Tajh virgil | @stacks
Twitter: @xcommittedx
Soundcloud: @bigway$tack$


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