Philly’s Spoony-B Is Stirrin’ Up Trouble


Spoony-B will not be a newbie in the professional recording and music industry come this time next year. From the music production and dedication to the work and music, Spoony-B is set on leaving a stamp in the music industry and community with cutting edge songs and lyrics. Do not sleep on the artist because the musician and entrepreneur might just have something up their sleeve that is purely unexpected.

The south Philly rep started rapping in the 8th grade and as he matured he began to take the craft seriously. To initiate his arrival onto the scene, Spoony-B approached the web in an effort to share his music and lyrics and to further develop his brand. The opportunities are beginning to open for the industrious artist who was selected for Coast 2 Coast Live’s Philly edition.

With a demo already released, Spoony-B is racking up notoriety. Upcoming projects include a new mixtape titled Stirrin’ Up Trouble and a potential music video for a single. His goals are to captivate an audience and make a name for himself in the industry. With 2Pac and Eazy-E being his biggest inspirations, Spoony-B has the right type of influence to be profound.

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