Illinois Artist Has Dream Come True

Spec is a self-made rapper from Illinois. He was raised by a single mother- an experience that has taught him a lot about life struggles. He is the eldest of 5 siblings and describes himself as “the kid that had a scholarship for football and lost everything over bullshit. I am basically the preppy kid who is now considered bad…but what did I do? I found an outlet for the rage I felt by using a pen and pad and expressing myself through my musical lyrics.”  Spec always loved old school rap and is excited about making a change in the game, sharing his journey to help others, and to make music people can chill to.

Expect Spec to accomplish great things through his passion and authenticity, all while having a positive impact in the lives of kids who went through similar disappointment and struggle. When he was 18 Spec went to a Hopsin concert that changed his life. Hopsin chose him to come onto stage with him and sing. It was a dream come true and affirmed his aspirations as a musician. When he got home, he invested in a studio quality mic audio interface along with all the other equipment needed and built an in home studio. Then he in jumped head first and never looked back.

“I believe life is short so let’s have fun” says Seth, who always wants his music to promote good vibes.

Check out Spec on soundcloud:


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