Soraya Ocean, Redefine Individuality & Originality


“Believe in the beauty of your dreams,” screams Soraya Ocean from the fresh open waters of San Francisco, CA. The musical styles of Soraya Ocean takes listeners to that moment where music dictates everything. At the age of 6, she grew up expressing a huge interest in acting and singing and continued her pursuit and musical aspirations throughout her teenage years. After graduating from high school, Soraya attended the elite Berklee College of Music where she studied and achieved her Bachelors of Music.

Soraya’s unbelievable vocals and ability to play piano landed her a spot in the group Those Bloody Yanks. She immediately stood out based on her dynamic performances and riveting vocals which kept the audience enchanted and inspired in the moment. Her high expectations of herself allow her music to come across authentic, introspective, and full of deeper meaning. Her ability to be a performer and a musician sets Soraya apart from rising stars in today’s music industry. She credits many of her musical influences by top industry pop and r&b singers such as the legendary Justin Timberlake, Charli XCX, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys.

Today Soraya continues to bring flair to her music developing her vocals to fit each and every song she has written. She is more than ready to take her music to the next level by engaging fans worldwide. Besides becoming an amazing lyrical artist and energetic performer in the industry, she is prepared to break down those barriers hindering real art from being portrayed and redefine individuality and originality in her body of work. For now Soraya inhales knowledge and exhales innovative lyrics to give her fans the evolution of an artist who performs every moment to take your breath away.

Official website:
Soundcloud: @sorayaocean


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