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Smūve, Rodney Williams III, has been in the entertainment industry since the age of 8. His father Rodney Williams Jr. and, at that time, his wife Cheryl Williams began a youth non-profit Christian-based organization by the name of Towdah Zamar Inc. The organization started with Smūve and his four siblings doing choreography and soon were noticed through the Christain community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. After years of singing, dancing, performing, and expanding the group finally split up due to a parental divorce and resident relocation. After years of moving around from city to city and coast to coast Smūve finally found himself back in Pittsburgh.

Smūve quickly was noticed for his vocal and dance talents throughout the city thus establishing a name for himself. After a few years of hard work, shows, and contemplating he found himself a team and decided to launch Louie Loud Pak (now a subdivision of Inspire Envy Ent.). In 2012 he ran into some judicial issues and found himself a place in the Allegheny County Jail. After a five month stay and a lesson learned, he revamped his motives and began two organizations. The first, Righteous Works Inc., a non-profit Christian-based organization with the goal of helping the community by any means necessary. The second, Inspire Envy Entertainment, an entertainment label established in the city of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately Righteous Works Inc. never succeeded.

Now with only one label to attend to, Smūve devoted all his time and energy into this project. Since being founded in August of 2012, Inspire Envy Ent. now has over 30 music artists, poets, rappers, and vocalists as well as 5 music groups all of which share the same vision. In February of 2014, he came across, what would later be recognized as, the best business opportunity of his life. During a recording session at The Plug Media he met Ricardo “Movie” Fluker, artist and CEO of Make Em Mad Entertainment. Soon thereafter, Smūve and Movie began a legalized partnership forming the two labels. Since this executive business decision both labels have sailed to untold heights. Smūve dream is to captivate the hearts and minds of the public positively in a way no other has done before.

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