Smokin Len Frazier, Not Afraid To Be Different


Smokin Len Frazier has been rapping since he was 10 and dropped a mixtape in 2011, “Nobody Believes,” that helped him gain attention from an independent label that fell through due to lack of understanding his movement. In early 2012 Frazier met Glasses Malone who told him and his label, at at the time, they were a future movement. Frazier has 4 mixtapes, met Ab-Soul, and has performed throughout Southern California. He is currently working on a 5th project, “Flyin With The Fishes Vol. 2,” that will come out this year.

Frazier’s movement is providing positive music that will help direct young people or old towards having a better life. Where he’s from it seems rappers only get recognition for being a thug or talk about selling drugs. Frazier wants to be one of the few that isn’t afraid to be different because not everyone is involved in illegal and gang activities.

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