Slugga Black, True To Himself


Not just an ordinary musician, Slugga Black, born Terri Green in Dallas, Texas, on September 11, 1988, has a dirty-south-real-talk style. His music is real depressing and poverty stricken. It’s all about real talk and basically how people make it through life. The words Slugga Black says are emotional and deep. The lyrics he pounds out are exclusive and motivational. He tries to make good music so people can relate to his situations.

Slugga wouldn’t be who he is today if it wasn’t for the negative he’s been through plus the hate he’s received. As years flew by the young emcee got older and more wise. The only person that he loved and depended on was his grandmother. When Slugga’s mother was doing fed time in prison, he stayed with his grandmother till the age of 13; after that she passed away.

The songs Slugga makes come out on a day by day basis. He has a universal attitude and it depends on one type of style. He credits, first of all, his lord savior Jesus Christ and the negativity he’s been getting lately. His true meaning in his music is about life and what difficulties one is going through, keeping it real, and keeping it where peeps can understand it. Slugga is emotional and dedicated to rap plus is true to himself and will be true to you. What you see and hear you will like and will definitely make a connection.


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