Sleezy, Uniquely Classic Hip-Hop


The unsigned hip-hop artist named Sleezy, Lamar Franklin III, was born on April 28th, 1994 in Long Beach, CA. At the age of 9, Sleezy and his mom moved to Stone Mountain, GA where Sleezy began to take speech and creative writing classes. Over the course of the next 10 years, Sleezy and his mom would have moved an astonishing number of 8 more times before Sleezy moved out and found himself settled in Dallas, TX.

Positive vibes, vintage fashion, and great marijuana are among many inspirations for artist Sleezy. His biggest inspiration is the voided space left in his heart by the loss of his older sister, Erin E. Franklin.

Sleezy was introduced to the art of music through his own beats and productions. After years of learning and crafting his uniquely-classic Hip-Hop style and sound, Sleezy is now prepared to release great music for the world to enjoy and embrace. Follow him on his road to greatness on his Twitter account, @RealSleezy.

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