Sleep-E-J, A Relentless Effort

BLack and white Head shot

Sleep-E-J (pronounced Sleepy J) is solo rap artist that hales from St. Louis, MO who is best known for his relentless efforts to succeed with his music. He has often been criticized for his unique/unorthodox rap style and the content of his music. Despite what some people have said, or thought of him and his music, he strives to work hard and entertain and do songs that everyone can relate/vibe to whether it is dark or upbeat feelings. Though much his career has been trial and error, he maintains in those moments those were the best products he could produce with the circumstances he faced. With every project there is growth and improvement. He is also known to encourage everyone through sharing his original thoughts, quotes of others, and motivation.

Sleep-E-J has recorded and released three albums and one EP with the help of V.M.P. (Valdespino Music Productions) online and available for purchase in all major mp3 stores (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Emusic, Spotify, Napster, and more). He is constantly working on new projects and ways to be seen and heard. His latest efforts have been focused on YouTube views, college and online radio play.

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