skitzoN, Parish Away

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skitzoN is a lyrical artist from California’s capital of Sacramento byway of Roseville who is the founder of Bad Lungs Entertainment. The enterprising artist’s ideology is to provide a differing image of what other artists deliver and to obliterate the negative observation that in order to be a great artist one must mimic another.

skitzoN is currently working on a double EP that intertwines different genres of music together into one deliverable package. One single off one of the project is titled “Parish Away.” The track brings to light his witnessing of viewing times change and keeping self-preservation. The second single, titled “Unbelievable Visualization,” offers a different sound showcasing his style and his creative writing process for a female vocalist.

Today we’re excited to feature the song “Parish Away” and give a little taste of what this NorCal artist has to offer to the culture of music.

Official website:
Instagram: @skitzon_badlungsenttm
Twitter: @skitzonbadlungs
Reverbnation: skitzon
Soundcloud: skitzo-norte-868996688

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