Siriouz, Creative Myndz Entertainment


David M. Lawrence, Siriouz, is a clean hip hop rapper from Detroit, Michigan who started rapping at the age of seven. Siriouz’ rap career started August 07, 2004 with his first performance on stage. In 2007 he met Mr. Al Bracey who became his manager in 2007. For five years straight (2008 – 2013) Siriouz performed on Belle Isle’s main bandshell stage for an association named DMAMEA (da – ma – mia) which stands for Detroit Metro Area Musicians and Entertainers Association. In 2012 he was asked by Madam President Leslie Ferguson to join DMAMEA as the Sgt. At Arms and has been a member since.

Music is the reason Siriouz has so much love and respect for his manager who always told him to be his own boss. Creative Myndz Entertainment is the record label Siriouz started with two cousins. He wants to build a dream here in his city for all the talent Detroit offers. Siriouz is currently working on his second album and two mixtapes that will include feature artists he works with.

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