Sir Tizzy, Better Art Reigns Supreme


Taron (pronounced Tay-Ron) Christopher Holder I (born on August 29, 1989), also known by his stage name Sir Tizzy, is an American hip-hop artist and aspiring actor from Parkville, Maryland (Baltimore County). Rapping since he was 13 years old, Tizzy began battling fellow classmates and peers in his neighborhood to hone his skills. He learned all forms of metaphors, similes, and allegories in order to thwart his opponents which also helped him compose his own lyrics in his personal notebooks.

He had not released a full length project since 2009 and he finally released “The Wackness.” It’s his first project consisting of his own personal vendettas with life explaining that no matter where you come from, the struggle that halts you from achieving goals is always abundant in this form of wackness. Not to mention, it was based off of the actual 2008 motion picture with the same title. After a long hiatus, 2012 would finally be the year that Tizzy would make a return to his craft releasing “The Resurrection of Chivalry EP.” It would give Tizzy an explanation of being an upstanding gentleman and being true to oneself while describing forms of honor and dignity. From here on his writing would continue to showcase his clever wit, charm, and potential stardom as he continues to leave his flesh on his pages.

He explains how life has been treating him and how he plans to become victorious with a stable that Tizzy has dubbed, #TeamKnightmare. The ideology behind the #TeamKnightmare moniker comes from his lonely nights of writing and the difficult task of chasing the dream while being a fan of medieval times and learning about the issues and lifestyle in high school (hence the Sir in his stage name). His victorious chant of “#BARS” at the end of some tracks is more than just stating the obvious. It is an acronym for “Better Art Reigns Supreme” and the supporters of his movement have been dubbed “#BARSNation.” With all of this being said, his saga can only do one thing: continue.

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