Simon Provost Is An Acoustic Musician You Can’t Pass Up


From his fingers caressing the frets to the strumming of the strings, Simon Provost is a musician who feels the emotions when he plays the guitar. He writes songs with his heart and soul. With Upon Your Grave he partook in the creation of two metal albums where he composed the songs and graced the stage for 40 live performances. 2015 saw the release of his first acoustic instrumental album, that was solo effort, and so far in 2016 he featured with Scars of Disgrace.

The dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the big leagues won’t be a surprise for Simon. As a musician as well as an entrepreneur in the music business, do not be surprised to see and hear about his accolades and recognition he gains as his music spreads.

Upcoming for Simon is a second acoustic album that is slated for release sometime this year. Additionally he’s developing a full concept metal album for a potential release in 2017. To gain an understanding of what his music encompasses, we’re featuring his song “Sérénade IV – Sérénité.”

Facebook: Simon Provost – Musicien

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