SiG, Making A Return Home


“My music reflects the expressions that I feel I suppressed throughout my childhood, even all the way up until today. My talent is my diary. If I can get paid for that, dope let’s get it. I feel like I am a new voice that can be related to on a real level. That’s all I want for my music.”

SiG is a 23 year old singer born and raised in Compton, California. Yes, he is straight outta Compton. At the age of twelve, SiG discovered his love for writing. That love pushed him to begin recording himself. Years of sneaking his microphone into his mother’s walk-in wardrobe quickly evolved into recording with friends and soon recording himself.

SiG has been touring with different artists all over New England. He has shared the stage with multiple artists from Young Money to D-Block. On his last leg in New England, he will be gearing up to make a return home to a jar of buzz and push his artistry further. Join SiG in his journey today.

Official Website:
Instagram: @Sigmuziik
Twitter: @Yaboiisig
Facebook: @SiGFanPage

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