With A Solid Lineup, Shush List Is Set To Drop Music

What makes Shush List a remarkable band is how they present themselves. From their delivery on tracks to their command on stage, their time is coming up. The potential for global reach is nearby and each day puts them closer. Shush List is expected to release top notch music that will engrave their name into the culture of op punk.

The band started in December 2016 and the name comes from a list of people who were shunned by a few girls at school and their original bassist was on the list. Shush List went through a few lineup changes and finally came to their current lineup this June.

“After settling on our current lineup we put together an hour set and played our first gig on August 4th. We were having trouble finding a venue that would take us so our first show was in our singer Kaz’s driveway for a party. After that we managed to play a show at the Smiling Buddha in Toronto,” they mention. Moving forward Shush List hopes to put out an EP or an album, and a music video soon. One of their more long term goals is to win a battle of the bands.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/shushlist

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