“Seed” Da Messenger, Redemption


As a well-rounded individual with a big smile and caring heart who provides a helping hand in the community of Norfolk, Virginia, Robert Freeman, “Seed” Da Messenger, is still residing in Norfolk. 2006 was the year that he gave his life over to the kingdom of God and began to overcome his past. He became a gospel artist and currently has his second project out called “Redemption Mixtape” available on Soundcloud.

Additionally Seed also started his own fashion line named Pblm Chld Clothing which carries the meaning “I’m A Pblm To The World, But A Chld Of God.” All his designs can be viewed on Facebook for the time being.

Seed is a member at the Way of the Cross in Norfolk where Christian Hines is the Pastor; it’s a wonderful organization and a great place to worship. The goal is to spread Jesus’ name in music and try to help as many young teen and adults see God. God has washed, clothed, and changed Seed. And God could also do it for you.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/robert-freeman-2/idothis
Twitter/Facebook: @SeedDaMessenger


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