Sean Planes, Not Limiting Myself To One Sound


Producer Shaun Davis, Sean Planes, is a force to be reckoned with and has been crafting bangers locally in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland since he started producing at the age of 17. He came up the name Sean Planes from the alternate spelling of his actual name meaning God is Gracious. The last name Planes describes him as not having a signature sound, but stating that he is able to take the listener/artist anywhere they want to go and not limit himself musically to one sound.

Sean has since then worked with rising artists such as Rickie Jacobs, SUPE, M.O.E. Munnie, DPtheEMCEE, A.O.N, Big R.O.B, Di$eman, Samson, JNO, Dollieluerowe, L-Dos, Skinny Marvin, and Real Fam. He’s also got an opportunity to remix the song “Gather The Sands” by popular Australian band Salvage. Sean’s top musical influences are Timbaland, J-Dilla, Drumma Boy, Pharrell, DJ Premier, and Kanye West. His production can be heard on popular mixtapes such as DJ Khasper Bhinks Presents: Producers Exposed on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and Audio Mack.

Sean is also featured on the popular instrumental beat tape series Who’s Hot On The Streets 3 available on Live Mixtapes. He has released two beat tapes of his own currently available on Datpiff called Eargasm and the other called Evolution. Even though Sean has not yet received that major industry placement, it has not stopped him from continuing to hone his skills and create a name for himself in his hometown. It’s just a matter of time before Sean Planes becomes a household name.


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